Configuring Cisco Unified Intelligence Center to get CVP reports

Here’s what we have initially: Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) collects and displays reports about Cisco contact centers. The data for Cisco Voice Portal (CVP) reports is stored on one of its servers, namely the CVP Reporting Server. This server contains Informix databases where the statistics is stored. And there are two reporting databases on this server: cvp_data – contains the basic data for the reports on the performed calls, trunk and VXML application usage; callback – contains the data for the reports on Courtesy Call Back. To get CVP statistics data, you should configure both databases as Data Sources for CUIC server. Open CUIC web interface, select Data Source tab and click Create to add a new data source. On the page that appears, enter the connection parameters: Name – new data source name; Type – database type. Select Informix for CVP; Database Host – CVP Reporting server IP address or hostname; Port – 1526 (the default Informix port); Database Name – CVP Reporting database name. Default: cvp_data; Instance – Informix Instance name. Default: cvp; Database User ID – Informix database username; Password – this user’s password (configured during the CVP installation); Charset – character encoding. Select UTF-8 for CVP Reporting Server. After configuring all the parameters, click Test Connection to check the connection to the database. If the test was successful, it will show the Online status: Now save the configuration. Repeat the process to configure the connection to the callback database. If everything is correct, both data sources will

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German contact center uses RichCall to improve support of at-home agents

Thanks to a local partner SoftBCom Berlin GmbH, a German professional contact center 11880 Solutions AG has successfully deployed RichCall, a remote video support solution. The new tool allows 11880’s engineers to use live video when supporting the software used by remote agents. With RichCall an engineer sees the problem with his own eyes and solves it faster. This is how it works: an agent calls the support team for help with network connectivity or software settings, during the call a support engineer requests a permission to use video, the agent agrees and receives an SMS with a link, when the agent clicks on the link, RichCall is launched in a mobile browser, which shares the smartphone camera with the support engineer. Now the engineer can see the desktop screen through the agent’s mobile camera, understand the context of the issue better and therefore resolve it faster. Thanks to WebRTC technologies RichCall supports most of mobile devices and users don’t need to install additional software. The whole interaction is encrypted and the data is stored on the on-premise company servers, so it is completely secure. At the moment 11880 uses RichCall internally, but they also consider to offer video-assistance to their business customers as an optional feature, for example: manufacturers and their service centers can support customers remotely with installing or repairing their equipment, insurance customers can file claims faster by showing the damage to the agents via a smartphone camera, field service engineers can get video-assistance from remote experts.

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Aurus now supports CX integrators and BPO contact centers locally in India

We have partnered with a software industry professional DJ Dutta to run our operations in India to support local CX integrators and BPO contact centers, so their directors and engineers can meet with him in person to evaluate, how our video chat meets their customer experience and engagement needs. “We are quite excited about the Indian market and committed to building our business here.” said Alexander Anoshin, CEO and founder of Aurus. “Since the very first steps in India we have enjoyed a positive feedback from the local customers and partners. The market is very open and extremely interested in modern customer engagement software, so landing in Delhi was not a tough decision.” All the sales and service activities for India & APAC markets are now headed by DJ Dutta, a known professional in the enterprise collaboration industry, based out of Delhi. “Indian users are always open to try out new products provided such products enhances overall performance of their organizations.” said DJ. “Key aspects they consider apart from product capabilities are long term commitment of the vendor and support infrastructure before investing in any new product. Aurus has started its India operation with the key objectives of empowering partners in research & sales and building India centric products jointly with the feedback of partners. We have received excellent initial response from some of the large customers and partners and we are confident that this response will increase manifold once they use Aurus products more & more.” Aurus sales model

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An Introduction to WebRTC Analytics

Web Real-time Communications (WebRTC) is an open source project created by Google to enable peer-to-peer communication in web browsers and mobile applications through application programming interfaces. It empowers real-time audio, video, and data transfers without the need for plugins or native app installations. With WebRTC, you can make high-quality, real-time communications applications in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android, and natively on iOS and Android. WebRTC was released in 2011, and since then has become more and more prevalent in the real-time communications space. Facebook, Google, Amazon, and many other companies use WebRTC to provide fast, reliable real-time communications. Why do you Need Real-time Analytics? Real-time communications is a difficult feature and service to provide. Users expect and require reliable, effective communication in their day-to-day lives. Even more than that, dependable real-time communications are crucial for businesses, especially ones with remote workers. It is crucial that real-time systems are sufficiently fast and predictably share resources. This extends to real-time communications – it is very important that events and messages happen in real time. This leaves little room for error, especially in the moment. Thus, the need for real-time analytics. What is WebRTC getStats? WebRTC traffic is transported over the IP network, which is susceptible to network congestion. This can increase latency and packet loss, since routers may need to drop packets to mitigate congestion. Losing packets can result in poor video and audio quality, which may lower the user experience. To ensure the highest possible quality, WebRTC includes a real-time statistics API:

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Complete Guide to AI in Contact Centers

We have recently created a guide for business leaders to learn how to create value with AI in their contact centers. If you have read about AI elsewhere and you are wondering, what it will bring to contact centers and your contact center specifically, then you should read the guide to understand what AI is, learn how to find a way to create value with AI, and follow the steps to AI adoption to create and use break-through AI projects in your contact center. You’ll likely need to build a team of AI enthusiasts to use AI, so share the guide with your coworkers as well 🙂

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RichCall is now available in ZenDesk marketplace

An engaging video chat with co-browsing, RichCall, has been added to ZenDesk today. We are happy to have RichCall in the ZenDesk marketplace, because we share the appreciation for great customer experience. What’s more important, is that customers expect exceptional service 24/7, while companies need to exert more effort to deliver it and stay within reasonable budgets. This is where video chat comes in, because it provides a relatively cheap way to engage with customers and help them faster, earning their trust and loyalty. ZenDesk says that: 92% of live chats receive a positive CSAT score companies see a 29% increase in sales with proactive support. Forrester’s brief tells us about an UK footwear retailer, who used video chat and: increased the conversion rate by x4 increased average order value by 10% obtained a 79% average Net Promoter Score. Co-browsing may be the most important aspect of customer support use cases where agents can guide customers through a website. “Brief: Now You See Me — Video Chat Improves The Customer Experience”, Forrester, 2016. The retailer used all the opportunities to guide customers around their products: not only via website support requests, but also via mobile calls and instore kiosks. The brief also mentions a bank, who installed video desks in their branches, so their customers could create and manage accounts faster. Our team has been developing RichCall, based on feedback from contact center owners, for a few years now and have made it into a convenient support application. Agents can use

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ROI of Video Collaboration is Larger, When It Faces Customers

Collaboration for employees has long been the driver of ROI for innovative companies. Companies started using video collaboration to increase that ROI, and they can grow it even larger by using it with customers as well. The value of video collaboration Companies use video in collaboration, because it helps them: make faster decisions improve employee decisions provide a more personal experience improve teamwork within and across departments exchange ideas seamlessly. Essentially, face-to-face (F2F) video allows high-growth companies innovate quickly. Also, using video in meetings help companies get the following benefits: build trust and positive relationship facilitate stronger customer relationship & engagement make decisions faster keep the team focused and minimize multi-tasking help participants retain important information. Interestingly, the reasons late adopters seek video collaboration is because they want to catch up with the market leaders in terms of decision making and innovation speed. This might explain the discrepancy in new technology adoption I wrote about earlier. Using video collaboration with customers The Techaisle research on video collaboration (PDF) found that SMBs can companies can achieve higher ROI, when employees use video collaboration not only with their coworkers, but also with their customers: Turns out, video collaboration also helps customers in the same way it helps coworkers by: building trust and relationships by providing rich in-person experience providing better customer support achieving high customer satisfaction and retention. The Techaisle’s research ends with 2 conclusions: Using video collaboration is not about generic upgrades, but a matter of achieving business goals. The data

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RichCall presents at Contact Center & CX Conference in Dubai on April 24-25th

Today’s flourishing businesses in Dubai need to meet challenges to provide better customer experience to earn and keep more customers. On April 24th a conference for contact center and CX professionals starts to help them find solutions to fulfil their desire to improve CX and vendors to help them do it. That’s why RichCall CEO is going to Dubai to showcase the video chat software designed specifically for the contact center industry. RichCall provides effective collaboration tools, such as co-browsing and document sharing, which can drastically improve experience for customers, who prefer agent-assisted contact center channels to solve their problems or get the detailed information about sophisticated products. Middle East & North Africa is an important region for RichCall, because improving customer experience for businesses worldwide aligns with company’s mission and the company already has strong partnerships in the area. For example, the company has delivered its solutions to dozens of clients, including the Emirates Foundation, UAE and the King Abdul Aziz Foundation in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Our integration partners in UAE can help local businesses deploy the innovative solution rapidly. Come and meet RichCall CEO Alexander Anoshin to see RichCall live and discuss how this solution can help you at MECC & CX ‘18 on April 24 & 25 at the Jumeirah Ballroom pre-function area on the 2nd floor of the Crowne Plaza hotel, Sheikh Zayed road.

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Why are companies slow to adopt new technology?

Back in September we’ve combined the trends in contact centers for 2017. We also ran a survey about which channels and approaches the companies are using, and which ones they are going to use – here are the results from the 28 responses we got. Which services companies are planning to use, including personality based routing. The charts show a pretty positive trends of planning to adopt several newer technologies. Except: somehow companies collect data to optimize customer journeys, but don’t track them these trends were nearly the same in 2016, and continue to be the trends of 2018 despite technology companies making vast advances Here’s a figure from the 2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report that shows then-current and planned services in contact centers: It also predicts 9 channels in most contact centers by 2017. And yet the Dimension Data’s 2017 CX Benchmarking report says that: “Omnichannel solutions that integrate enterprise systems and connect customer journeys is the top technology trend for 2017, but nearly seven in 10 organisations currently have none, or very few, channels connected.” Could it be, because it takes companies time to research new technology wait and see for its use cases, case studies and results estimate how best to fit it into the specific company environment? For example, when it comes to AI, Bridget Botelho warns specialists that companies have only begun to use AI and few companies have the data to do it well. Not to mention, they need to sift through products

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Richcall CEO is Going to CCW2018 in Berlin, Feb 26 – Mar 1

Our CEO, Alexander Anoshin, is going to Berlin on February 25 to CCW2018, the largest European contact center conference, because the CCW executives picked Richcall to exhibit at the FutureCamp area with the most innovative contact center startups from all over the world. If you plan to visit CCW2018, please stop by at hall 2, stand D30/E27, to say “Hi” and to see how awesome Richcall is in person. If you are not going to the CCW conference or want to see how it works right now, try it live now or schedule a personal demo.

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