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How customer click2call works

How call from a website works

A free WebRTC to SIP gateway with GUI for contact centers

Customer Click2Call is a free app that allows website visitors to call your company directly from your website without downloading anything.

It uses WebRTC technology supported by almost all desktop and mobile browsers.

The application converts the WebRTC call to SIP and sends it to your IP PBX which, in turn, transfers the call to company rep according to routing rules configured.

Customer Click2Call is totally free and only takes 2 hours to deploy.


Customer Click2Call’s advantages are in its simplicity, speed and cost.

No matter, which question a site visitor has – whether he can’t find something, needs assistance with choosing a product or has an issue with an online service. In any situation, he can get in touch with a consultant immediately with a single click.

The online call is totally free for visitors and they can call you wherever they are. It also allows them to bypass your IVR and get directly to the right group of the agents. Calls from different webpages can be routed to different groups of agents.

All of that means:

  • increased sales,
  • reduced abandoned shopping carts,
  • more loyal customers, thanks to awesome customer experience.

Try it right now

This is how the click-to-call button may look like. You can make a live call to our team right now. Click the button, allow your browser to access your mic, and see how it works.

How it works:

  • a visitor clicks on the widget embedded into your website (the style of the widget is fully customizable including colors, shadows, animations etc);
  • Customer Click2Call server initiates a SIP call to the line number configured in your IP PBX – the phone number of your sales team, or the number of queue to the skill-group,
  • your IP PBX (or contact center software) then routes the online call just like any other incoming phone call and the call finally reaches one of the company reps.

IMPORTANT: if the online call is initiated by your existing customer, the Customer Click2Call server will supplement the online call with customer phone number and customer ID for your contact center to use it when routing the call.

Download and install

Instruction goes here

Customer Click2Call:

  • optimizes media quality, based on connection quality, thanks to WebRTC,
  • supports all audio codecs that WebRTC supports: OPUS and G.711,
  • secures the connection with the SSL certifcate your website uses.


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