Chapter 6. Monitor success and adjust the configuration.

Key take away

The video chat metrics to measure:
• Channel Utilization
• Average Waiting Time
• Average Handle Time
• First Contact Resolution Rate
• Sales Conversion rate
• Customer Satisfaction
• Agent Performance

The set of metrics you should be measuring depends on your video chat objectives (for example, increased sales or an enhanced support experience) and the people interacting with it. In this section we’ll list several key metrics. You may also identify more specific ones depending on the business case.

One of the main measures of success is Usage, i.e. how many customers prefer video chat over the other contact center channels?

Another important metric is the Average Waiting Time (AWT) – just as for traditional phone calls.

Average Handle Time (AHT) is a common contact center metric, although it should be interpreted carefully, and in combination with other metrics. For example, if video chat is used for providing customer support, a lower AHT is better. However, this assumes that the agent really solved the problem rather than rushed the customer off the phone. This leads us to another crucial metric for customer satisfaction; the First Contact Resolution (FCR) rate.

On the other hand, if video chat is used to sell a product by demonstrating its features and benefits, then the video chat AHT is likely to be higher than the phone AHT. This is fine if this leads to better sales of course. To know if this is the case, you must measure the Sales Conversion Rate (SC).

In any case, Customer Satisfaction should be measured separately. If the video chat software provides customers with an interface to rate their chat experience, use of this is highly recommend. If not, feedback should be obtained from customers via other means, which can be as simple as calling them back randomly and asking them.

Last but not least, there is Agent Performance. It is likely that some agents will perform better than others in video chat, and this is something to measure too. For agents who perform poorly, you will want to review the recordings of their video chat sessions and consider if and how you can improve their performance.

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