Chapter 5. Run the pilot.

Videochat pilot project

A pilot project will allow you to:

  • Ensure that your customers adopt the new channel
  • Measure outcomes and decide whether the product is helping you to reach your goals
  • Establish an initial team of trained agents which will train other agents
  • Estimate the number of licenses you need to purchase
  • Determine the server capacity required to implement video chat (for on-premises deployments).

Define the scope and objectives
Explicitly state the objectives of the pilot. For example, “to prove that co-browsing increases the performance of my support team”.

Use the objectives to identify criteria for measuring the success of your pilot. For example, “if performance really is increased, the FCR (first call resolution) rate and the AHT (average handle time) will be better in the case of video chat engagements”.

Define the scope or the pilot. For example, “it will be sufficient to implement the video chat widget on this specific section of the website in order to measure success”.

Define the group of agents

The group of agents that eventually receives the incoming video chat requests will need to develop new technical skills. To this end, don’t choose your most tech savvy agents for the pilot project. While you should choose agents who are not afraid of new technology, it is better to choose those who have a level of technical skill that is representative of the rest of your team.

Include a champion in the pilot group – the agent, who can champion the new technology, will work as an evangelist for the video chat software to maximise buy-in from the other agents, and act as a problem solver when issues arise.

Train the pilot group as described above.

Deploy and evaluate

The more information you collect during the pilot, the more accurately you can evaluate its success and decide how to proceed with the full deployment of video chat.

Use all the existing contact center reporting and quality management tools to gather all the available metrics on the pilot video chat engagements. Ensure that the video chat software records all the interactions including voice, video and web-collaboration. If this is not possible, use other tools for voice and screen recording.

When the pilot is complete, obtain feedback from the pilot group of agents, and measure its success using the criteria you defined in the planning stage. It is a good idea to also contact a few customers who were involved in the pilot project, to get their feedback about video chat.

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