Chapter 4. Train your agents.

Software training

Just as with any other software product, video chat requires its users to be trained.

Let your agents explore all the features of the video chat on their own – both from the agent’s side and from the customer’s perspective too. Let them try to call each other to see how it works.

Train your agents to use all the web-collaboration tools provided to them, and discuss particular scenarios where each tool can be used.

If your agents are blended, train them how to distinguish video calls from traditional phone calls.

Video-specific training

If you’re going to make your agents visible to customers, you’ll need to carefully evaluate your current staffing arrangements.

Agents who provide service over the phone or via digital channels may feel uncomfortable with appearing on video. On the other hand, some agents will enjoy providing the more direct level of service that video chat offers.

There may also be concerns from home-based agents, who may not have a dedicated area that is appropriate for video.

Once you have identified suitable agents, you will need to provide additional training so that they are able to work effectively while on video. One of the biggest challenges for agents is being able to read from a script while also looking into the camera to engage with the customer. The agents best-suited for video chat customer engagement are those who are able to effectively provide service with minimal guidance from scripts.

Other issues

What the customer sees matters. You need to check that both the agent and his/her surroundings are presentable while on video.

Consider implementing a dress code which includes policies regarding tattoos, piercings, and unkempt hair. Adjust the lighting so the agent is well illuminated, and if needed, create a backdrop to prevent clients from seeing people walking behind the agent.

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