Chapter 3. Choose the right software.

The relative importance of video chat software features will depend on the business objectives you assign to your new video chat channel.

Will you have blended agents?

If your agents will handle video chat interactions along with traditional phone calls, you will need software that supports blended skill groups. This prevents agents from receiving phone calls and video calls at the same time.

If you plan to dedicate a group of agents solely to the video chat channel, this feature is optional.

Will your agents need co-browsing?

Are your agents going to assist web visitors in navigating your website, including pages that require authentication such as personal accounts? It is important to note that there are a number of ways to implement a co-browsing capability, and not all of them support co-browsing on secure pages.

More details available in this post –

Are you omnichannel?

If you are omnichannel, your new channel must also be able to share the customer context across all your other contact center channels. It is advisable to check whether it’s possible to provide the contact center platform with the ID of customer requesting the video chat session.

Are mobile devices supported?

Even if you don’t have plans to implement mobile interfaces in the short term, it is recommended to check whether any software that you are considering supports mobile browsers and API/SDK for native mobile apps.

Are you cloud ready?

If you’re in finance, healthcare, government or other industry for which there are regulations that do not allow the fast adoption of cloud software, you will need the vendor to provide on-premises deployments. Ask for it.

Will it integrate well with the agent desktop?

You’re going to provide your agent with one more tool to use.

  • Do you know exactly the number of interfaces your agents use at the moment?
  • Does the “unified desktop” term tell you something?

If so, don’t forget to ask the vendor about integration capabilities.

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