Chapter 2. Align video chat goals with business objectives.

Video chat to higher sales

Video chat leads to higher sales

Expectations of the benefits of video chat will vary among stakeholders. The support department may want to improve the overall customer experience, while the sales department may expect to increase conversions. It is wise to consider the individual needs of all the stakeholders when establishing your goals for a video chat implementation, so that the benefits are enjoyed by your whole company, and most importantly, by your customers.

Implementing video chat as part of the sales funnel has proven hugely successful for some companies. Read on for several examples.

Video sales

Video chat enables clients to contact experts at any time; from their office, home, or indeed anywhere they might be. Secure online meetings featuring voice, video and content sharing tools provide the same live experience as if the client was actually in your office.

This could be applied to almost any industry:

  • Financial services – customers feel better if they can actually see the person giving financial advice and see visual illustrations, such as charts and tables.
  • Luxury retail – luxury consumers want the best products and service, and this applies online too. Video chat provides the personal touch that they desire.
  • Online health – allow patients to meet with doctors and pharmacists online in a reassuring and confidence inspiring setting.

In-store kiosks with video and content sharing

Customers cannot always get all the information they need from in-store representatives. Video-enabled interactive kiosks solve this problem, by allowing remote agents to answer any in-depth technical questions posed by in-store customers.

In-store kiosks also help to reduce queuing times during peak hours.

Video chat software integrates with a kiosk’s peripherals (printer, scanner etc) to deliver a rich collaboration experience. This can include the ability to print and share documents, scan IDs and obtain customer signatures.

Immediate support for e-commerce websites

Video chat provides online shoppers with the opportunity to get immediate, personalized, visual support at any stage of the purchase. Screen sharing and co-browsing features allow contact center agents to help website visitors to select items and guide them to making a successful purchase. All of this increases conversion and improves customer satisfaction.

Video chat for customer support

Video chat improves customer support

Customer support is another great example of where video chat has proven popular. The greatest advantage of video chat over traditional phone support is the ability of agents to “see things through the customers eyes”, thanks to the latest hardware and video technology. Amazon’s MayDay service is perhaps the best-known example of this.

Software tech support

Content sharing features such as co-browsing, screen sharing and app sharing allow a customer to show an agent what is happening on their PC monitor or mobile device screen. This helps the agent to better understand the context of the issue.

Advanced collaboration features allow an agent to draw lines on the customer’s screen, or use the pointer to direct a client’s attention to specific buttons, links and other items.

The content sharing feature of video chat is applicable to a wide range of verticals, including online retail and e-commerce, finance and banking, SaaS businesses, insurance and loan, government and many others.

Hardware repair support

There are officially more mobile devices now than people in the world. Why not use them to give the agent a full view of the problem exactly as the customer sees it. All a client needs to do is to share the mobile device camera with the agent when communicating with him/her over video chat.


  • Insurance – the client shares his camera to provide the agent with a video of the damage
  • Troubleshooting devices and equipment

Check the example – John McEnroe Promoting Video Support for customers in Verizon’s spot.


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