Click-to-call, click-to-video and co-browsing for your customers

co-browsing UI with text chat, image sharing

Click-to-call with co-browsing and web-collaboration

Provide your customers with a one-touch live support option. With no downloads required, an online visitor can call your contact center and enjoy web-collaboration features during the call:

  • co-browsing – to surf the website together with an agent,
  • chat – to exchange text messages, docs and images,
  • app sharing – to show the context of the issue.

You can also enable video within the same support session. The whole interaction is encrypted and recorded for further evaluation. WebRTC technologies make click-to-call available in almost any browser, including mobile ones.

Customer can enter a 4-digit code to start co-browsing

Start a co-browsing session on the fly during a regular phone call

Web-collaboration features aren’t just for those, who called you from within the website. Any phone call can be enriched with a RichCall session on the fly.

An agent simply tells the customer the unique 4-digits code to be entered on your website and the co-browsing starts immediately. It is that simple.

Financial advisor online

Video calls and web-collaboration with online shoppers

Imagine a customer calling your sales person for the assistance in choosing the right product. Will your manager be more successful being able not only to describe your offers verbally, but also to show product images, send documents and charts and co-browse your website?

This is just what you can achieve with RichCall.

Just one click – and your website visitor is connected to the sales rep who already knows the webpage a visitor is calling from. Live agent video brings a personal touch to customer interactions and web-collaboration tools increase sales conversion.

Contact center integration

RichCall can be integrated with any contact center software to:

  • comply with omni-channel strategy,
  • have contact center route online calls,
  • allow agents work in the blended mode.

Read more here.

Stand-alone mode

Alternatively you can use RichCall stand-alone mode without integration with a contact center.

RichCall itself will route the incoming calls, distributing them among your consultants.

Perfect for small sales teams or dedicated skill groups.


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