Video chat and live visual support for your customers

How co-browsing works in video chat in ecommerce

How co-browsing in RichCall looks to the customer

Turn your customer calls into collaborative sessions

Let your customers collaborate with your support agents with a click of a button to:

  • surf the website together and get visual help via co-browsing,
  • exchange text messages, docs and images,
  • fill in complex forms together,
  • share their mobile camera with the support rep.

Video chat is useful, where solving an issue over the phone is complicated and losing customers is very costly, such as in:

  • insurance, where customers need to fill complex forms or register claims faster by showing the damage via their smartphone camera,
  • banking, where customers need to navigate a large website or a web app to achieve their urgent goals quickly,
  • retail, where customers could use visual help when navigating the website,
  • telecommunications and manufacturing, where support staff can see the issue clearly through the customer’s smartphone camera and help faster,
  • real estate, where a sales person can show off the estate for remote customers or browse the listings with them.

You can also disable the video and use RichCall to equip your website with the “click-to-collaborate” feature which allow visitor to call your contact center from a webpage and collaborate with the support rep.

Integrate with your contact center software

To use all of RichCall advantages, you can integrate it with you contact center platform, so RichCall can:

  • send calls right to the contact center software, bypassing IVR,
  • use your existing routing rules to distribute video chat calls among your agents and skill groups,
  • provide your contact center and CRM software with context info about the customer,
  • utilize your existing call recording app and reporting software.

We have already integrated RichCall with Cisco UCCX/UCCE, Genesys, Avaya and some other contact center software.

Small businesses can use RichCall without integrating with contact center and IP PBX

You can use RichCall without a PBX or a contact center to collaborate with your customers to help them faster and easier. The video chat sessions will be distributed to an available RichCall agent by the RichCall server.

RichCall video chat on the tablet

Works on any device

Thanks to WebRTC technologies your customers can use RichCall in both desktop and mobile browsers.

All channels – audio, video and data – are encrypted. The whole interaction with customer is recorded and available for later playback.

The support of mobile devices allows RichCall to be used for remote video support.


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