Live interactive assistance for self-service and support kiosks

Various retail shops, services and agencies install self-service and in-store kiosks in their offices to let their customers help themselves or get expert help faster. You can use RichCall for at least use cases here, in a self-service kiosk and in an in-store kiosk with connected peripherals.

Self-service kiosk

Self-service: “For assistance please call 1-800-…”

Self-service kiosks play a vital role in improving customer service becoming more commonplace across many industries:

  • travelling: ticketing and information kiosks;
  • government: visitors registration, DMV assistance;
  • healthcare: patient check-in, appointment booking and rescheduling;
  • retail: directories and wayfinding);
  • restaurants: ordering kiosks.

That’s great. But the reality is customers often need extra help, especially if they are a first-time user or use kiosks infrequently or have additional questions.

The easiest way to deal with this is to provide user with a contact center phone, just like at the picture on the left – “For assistance please call 1-800-…”. In some cases companies even allocate a person to assist kiosk users.

But is there a better approach?

Киоск самообслуживания со встроенным видеочатом

Live video-enabled remote assistance

The better approach is to provide kiosk users with the option to quickly establish an interactive session with a remote rep via video chat:

  • the embedded “Live help” button provides an instant connection with the customer service rep, the client doesn’t need to dial the contact center number;
  • the call is routed directly to the kiosk tech support skil group bypassing the IVR;
  • the customer service rep receiving the call also gets the video of kiosks’ screen activity – to learn the context of the customer issue;
  • watching the customers’ actions an agent guides him through the process pointing which buttons to push with the graphical pointer.

So the performance of the support increases dramatically reducing the time-to-resolve rate.

Try the RichCall kiosk mode right now!
Push the button below to open the kiosk emulator with the live assistance button embedded:


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