Accept calls from website and collaborate with or without a contact center

Online call

Do not click-to-call. Click-to-Collaborate instead!

RichCall allows your website visitors to call you right from a website. Disable the video and you use RichCall to enable the “click-to-call” feature on a webpage. Both desktop and mobile browsers are supported.

But why click-to-call when you can click-to-collaborate!

RichCall is much more than just “online call”. Not only do website visitor and contact center agent talk to each other when connected by RichCall, they can also collaborate:

  • send text messages, docs and images,
  • share applications and documents,
  • use “co-browsing” to surf the website together.

Accept calls from website without a PBX or contact center

You can place the RichCall widget on your website to accept calls without a PBX or a contact center and collaborate with your customers to help them faster and easier. The calls will be forwarded to any available RichCall agent.

Integrate online call to your contact center seamlessly

If you want to use all the advantages RichCall offers, you can use it with a contact center, where it connects to your IP PBX to send online calls right to the contact center software. It can even supplement the online call with a DTMF sequence to get the call transferred to the proper skill group.

When transferred, the call gets in the queue along with incoming phone calls and finally reaches the available agent.

Thanks to this seamless integration, RichCall uses IVR, routing rules, queues and skill groups already configured for traditional phone calls. And even more – online calls get recorded by your existing call recording software.


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