Help customers and field agents remotely via video

Insurance claim with videochat

Share the smartphone camera with a remote expert

With RichCall, your mobile customers and field workers can share the mobile camera with remote experts. This allows the experts to see the problem with their own eyes and:

How does it work? When the expert talks to the customer on the phone, he can send an SMS with the link which customer needs to click to share his camera on the fly. It is that simple.

RichCall works on all smartphones and tablets and support all modern WebRTC-powered browsers like Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Opera etc.

Get in touch with our specialist to learn more about RichCall and how you can use it, to try it out live or to setup a free trial.

Video chat mobile SDK

RichCall SDK for iOS and Android

Use the RichCall mobile SDKs and API (will be available in the next releases) to integrate video chat into your mobile applications.

Mobile SDK broadens variety of use cases for RichCall. For instance a client may contact the support team right from the mobile app and share the smartphone screen to get a visual help on how to use the app.

To make the integration as easy as possible for your developers, we provide:

  • sample mobile apps with the source code,
  • documentation and tech support.

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