Remote video support with mobile camera sharing

Mobile camera sharing for field technicians and customer support

Visual support for field service technicians

When a field technician arrives on site, he may be well prepared to resolve the case on his own, but sometimes that doesn’t happen and he needs additional assistance.

With RichCall, your field service agents can share the smartphone camera with a remote expert to provide him a complete real-time view of the situation in the field.

An expert can pause the live video stream, highlight the key items for the technician, push the supporting images and docs to his mobile device.

Use mobile camera sharing to:

  • diagnose the technical issue remotely,
  • guide your field force towards resolution,
  • train newly hired technicians right on the job.
Filing an insurance claim via video

Live video for customer support

Another widespread use case for RichCall is visual customer support, because it works on mobile devices and doesn’t require any additional software to be installed.

Imagine a customer using his smartphone to show the malfunctioning device to a remote agent, who walks him through troubleshooting steps.

Imagine adjusters handling claims remotely by seeing the accident details through the customer’s mobile camera. This is something you can start testing today!

The top use cases for mobile camera sharing are:

  • insurance – to handle claims remotely to reduce the claim processing costs,
  • tech support – to troubleshoot the malfunctioning devices remotely to increase the first-time fix,
  • telemedicine – to examine at-home patients or to guide medical procedures remotely.

How it works

1. The field technician or your customer makes a normal phone call to get assistance.

2. During the call, the remote expert sends an SMS with a unique RichCall link.

3. The technician clicks the link and starts a collaboration session, which allows him to share his mobile camera with the remote expert.


  • Mobile: WebRTC, makes RichCall work on almost all mobile devices with no downloads required.
  • Secure: all interactions are encrypted and recorded for later analysis.
  • Live: initiated on the fly, the real-time collaboration session supports live video, items highlighting and pushing docs and pictures.

Customer story

BPO contact center uses video for remote agent support

German BPO contact center deployed RichCall to allow field engineers use live video for software tech support.


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