Live Video Assistance with Co-Browsing for Cisco UCCX/UCCE

Video chat with co-browsing

High-end customer experience with live video chat for Cisco UCCX/UCCE

Richcall empowers contact center agents with:

  • One-way or Dual Video – Communicate with a real person: the client can see the agent but not the other way around, by default. Use of dual video is optional.
  • Text Chat – For sending text, photos, and documents.
  • Co-browsing – Enable the agent and the customer to collaborate on your website with one another.
  • Application Sharing – Browse the web together, share documents, and any other desktop applications.
  • “Pointer” Feature – An agent can view a client’s application in real time, monitoring each of the client’s actions, drawing attention to specific elements on the application interface with a blinking yellow arrow.
  • Snap Shot with Annotation – Agents can take snapshots and make pen/marker annotations to easily identity items of interest.

Developed by a registered Cisco Solution Partner, RichCall is available on the Cisco Marketplace

Cisco Solution Partner
Cisco Marketplace
Video chat embedded in Cisco Finesse

Easily integrate with Cisco UCCX/UCCE contact center software

RichCall seamlessly integrates with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise platforms:

  • RichCall properly places a customer’s video call in the queue, based on the selected subject or the webpage from which the call was made, bypassing IVR
  • Integrate seamlessly with Cisco Finesse and Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD), including the single sign-on feature.
  • Use the same contact center routing rules for video as a regular phone call.
  • HRC and Unified IC reporting – All video calls are documented in Cisco Unified CCX Historical Reports and Cisco Unified Intelligence Center reporting applications.
  • Interaction Recording – The audio is recorded by your existing call recording software, and video and web-collaboration actions are logged.


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