Video communications for kiosks

RichCall video kiosk

Remote expert help with HD video and content sharing

Let your in-store customers connect with remote experts with a touch of a button. The “video kiosk” mode allows your experts to provide support on-site without them having to be physically located there. HD video calling delivers an in-person experience while content sharing features allow expert to visually assist a client showing product images, drawing a route on a map etc.

RichCall can be connected to printer, scanner, barcode reader and other peripherals of the kiosk enabling remote experts to scan client ID cars or print documents to sign.

Click this button to open a new page emulating the video kiosk:

Video assistant for self-service kiosk

Live interactive assistance for self-service and support kiosks

You can also embed RichCall into your existing self-service kiosks. When a kiosk user needs assistance, he will only need to push a “Live Help” button embedded into the kiosk application instead of dialing your contact center.

The customer service rep receiving the call also sees the kiosk screen to understand better the context of the customer issue.

So he is be able to watch customers’ activities and tell him what to do with the graphical pointer. So the performance of the support increases dramatically reducing the time-to-resolve rate.

Push the button below to try the kiosk emulator with the live assistance button embedded:



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