In-store interactive video kiosks with peripherals

RichCall video kiosk

Quick remote expert help with HD video and content sharing

Let your in-store customers connect with remote professional representatives. The “video kiosk” mode allows your experts to provide support on-site without them having to be physically located there. HD video quality and content sharing options deliver the best possible customer experience.

By running the RichCall interface on an all-in-one touch screen desktop PC, your remote agents can answer the questions of in-store customers, and provide them with expert level assistance that your store representatives may not be able to.

Connecting experts with in-store visitors via RichCall provides a great opportunity to improve customer service, reduce the branch costs, and increase staff utilization.

You can try RichCall in “video kiosk” mode live right now.
Click this button to open a new page emulating the video kiosk:

RichCall video kiosk with peripherals

Attach peripherals to your kiosk

The RichCall “video kiosk” UI can interact with printers, scanners, barcode readers and other peripherals connected to the kiosk’s PC.

Remote experts are able to control all the kiosk’s peripherals, enabling them to do things such as scan client ID cars, or print documents to sign.

Learn more about how RichCall works in the contact center.


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