Sell Your Real Estate Persuasively in Interactive Video Sessions

RichCall video chat on the tablet

While every real estate buyer starts with searching for the property online, they eventually need to filter the listings with the help of descriptions and photos alone and then to visit the real estate in person.

But, what if you are selling a remote house, a log cabin in the mountains or you want to sell to people from other states or countries? Then you can show them your real estate via interactive video sessions and also:

  • send them related documents on the fly
  • talk with them and show them the property at the same time
  • help them navigate your website by co-browsing.

This way, you can:

  • deliver better customer experience to your website visitors
  • sell your real estate effectively to out of state or foreign buyers
  • save time and money for your customers by showing them the estate yourself through video.

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