Integration with web applications and contact centers

Client UI integration

There are 2 options to integrate RichCall into your website:

  • as a widget – useful when a client needs to work with the site, while talking to an agent
  • opened in a new browser window – to provide a client with more space for collaboration with an agent.

Additionally, depending on the use case you can:

“Dedicated agents” mode

If you do not use a contact center software and IP PBX your choice would be the “standalone” RichCall mode. This mode doesn’t need any IP PBX and contact center software.

The RichCall server will route incoming video chat requests to the “ready” agents using the “Call All” or “Longest Idle” strategy and your agents will use the Richall Agent app to speak to your clients and collaborate to help them or show them your products.

“Blended agents” mode and integration with contact center platform

If you’re using an IP contact center software or a cloud contact center, consider the “blended” RichCall mode for you agents to handle both voice calls and video chat interactions.

In that case, you can integrate RichCall with your contact center software, which will distribute video chat sessions among available agents using skill groups and routing rules that you use for your phone calls.

This is the preferred method, because it provides:

  • unified routing and queues,
  • unified skill groups,
  • unified reporting and recording tools.

Our clients have already integrated RichCall with the following contact center software:

and contact centers based on Asterisk, FreeSwitch or similar PBX systems.

Learn more about how Richcall works.

Integration with the agent desktop app

Finally the agent UI of RichCall support 3 modes:

  • “desktop app” – to be installed on the agent PC (Windows or Linux);
  • “web-app” – works in a browser (Single Sign-On is supported);
  • “web-app on demand” – on the incoming video chat call the agent desktop opens RichCall UI in a browser; no authentication is needed.

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