Video Boosts Insurance Claims Processing

Video enhances processing of insurance claim

The key to assisting customer filing of claims, is having accurate information conveniently to hand. . Coupled with our RichCall technology, a customer’s own mobile device can provide this “eye whitness” information.

Since most people have mobile phones, they can easily use their built-in cameras to capture the details of the incident, and share it with the insurance agent in real time. With RichCall, a customer can both share video and send photos made by his smartphone.

Using mobile devices, it is now possible to share accurate details of damage in real time. And this facilitates faster and more accurate filing of claims, both reducing customer frustration and improving your service.

There is no need to download a special mobile app – a RichCall video connection with an agent can be initiated from a website opened within the mobile browser even if the customer is already in a phone call with the agent.

Video chat improves imsurance sales

Improve sales with our visual assistance option

When browsing for insurance options, your customers can start a video chat with an agent to get the immediate visual assistance they need to compare policies, make decisions, understand important policy information, and get their questions answered immediately.

Your agents can guide customers every step of the way. Like how to fill in the forms, what information is required, and answering any queries they might have. No more having to chase customers up for missing information.


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