HIPAA compliance

How RichCall supports HIPAA compliance

RichCall employs the following features to help organizations meet applicable HIPAA technical standards:

  • Session data transmitted across the network is protected using strong cryptographic protocols including Secured Real Time Protocol (SRTP) with AES-256 keys. The keys are dynamic and negotiated via DTLS for each call..
  • Role-based access control for admin, supervisors and agents allowing to configure collaboration features available for agents and clients.
  • Web and application access are protected by User ID and password.
  • RichCall Agent app allows user to easily terminate a session in progress.
  • Delay for disconnection of an idle agent is fully configurable.
  • Client connections traverse RichCall’s secured infrastructure.
  • Client connections are logged and account admin have secured access to session archive.
  • Application executables are digitally signed.
  • Web app interfaces are securely available over TLS 1.2.
  • SRTP protocol prevent any changes or replay of previously created packets to ensure integrity of transmission.
  • App sharing and co-browsing can be disable for HIPAA accounts.

In addition we have the following in the roadmap:

  • Scheduled meetings (ask Aurus manager about release date for “meeting scheduler” feature) are not listed publicly.
  • Audio/video files may be configured to be encrypted prior to saving on the storage.


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