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Financial advisor online

Financial advisor online

Financial agents such as bankers and certified financial planners can use RichCall video chat to personalize their services. They can chat face-to-face with prospective customers, offering reassurance, answering questions and explaining investment portfolio options. It’s almost like a real personal interview.

Not only will RichCall video chat bring the personal touch to online banking, but the content sharing tools will also allow the advisor to share financial reports, diagrams and other data to help your client make an informed decision.

Word of client

Since 2018 HCSB Bank partners with Aurus to offer visual support service to its clients.

Сustomer support co-filling a doc

Advanced customer support

The web-collaboration features provided by RichCall video chat software allow customers to solve any technical issue they have with online banking applications quickly and easily

With no download required, just one click establishes a fully interactive session with an agent featuring co-browsing and screen sharing.

By seeing the customer’s screen, an agent can understand the context of the issue and solve the issue quickly.
No matter what software a customer has an issue with – RichCall can be integrated into both your online tools and your mobile applications.

Video kiosks to shrink the size of the retail bank branch

Video kiosks to shrink the size of the retail bank branch

By deploying interactive video kiosks, you will ensure you experts are always available in every branch.

Video kiosks offer consumers the convenience of bypassing teller lines and quickly completing typical branch transactions, such as account opening, account maintenance, appointment booking and check-in and financial product research and purchase.


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