Video chat and live visual support for your customers

Video chat with co-browsing

One-click context-ready connection with the right agent

Provide your customers with a one-touch live support option. With no downloads required, one click establishes a video-enabled fully interactive session with an agent, which includes co browsing, app sharing and other web-collaboration tools.

And there’s more!

  • The RichCall session will be placed in the right contact center queue depending on the page it is initiated from and the category selected by customer.
  • Contact center software can extract contextual data, such as a customer id, to provide agents with CRM information.

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Phone initiated customer engagement upgraded to video chat

Enhance phone-initiated customer engagements on the fly

Now it’s not only website-initiated engagements that can be enhanced with the power of web-collaboration features, including video, co-browsing, text chat and app sharing.

Any phone call can be enriched ‘on the fly’ with a web-collaboration session. An agent simply needs to provide the customer with the unique code, which the customer enters.

RichCall video chat on the tablet

Secure communications on any device

Powered by WebRTC, RichCall works almost on all browsers and devices, including mobile ones.

All channels (audio, video, data) are encrypted. The whole interaction is recorded and available for later playback.

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