Live visual customer support

Live visual customer support

The portfolio of a modern telecom service provider is huge. Not only does it provide dozens of communication services and their bundles, but it also may offer various content services, sell equipment and accessories online and even perform financial transactions.

Whether a client is using the service provider’s online tool or their mobile application to manage his telecom services or account, he may encounter problems with managing bills, adding services, modifyng payment methods and so on.

The RichCall “Live assistance” button will connect him with the contact center rep with one click, allowing the agent to see the customer’s screen and help him resolve the issue in the shortest time possible.

Video chat for the field service

Field service

Service reps in the field often need to consult with colleagues. Using the back camera on their mobile devices, they can call up their colleagues back in the office for a second opinion, advice or instructions, completely eliminating the need for specialists to physically attend the remote site.

Video kiosks for retail branches

Video kiosks for retail branches

RichCall offers unparalleled resourcing flexibility. A single on-demand kiosk in the branch can put a range of specialists within reach, without having to budget for additional specialist resources.

This “specialist-enriched environment” translates into enhanced customer satisfaction at virtually no additional cost.

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