Shopping assistant and concierge services online

Shopping assistant and concierge services online

Your customers are shopping online. Now your sales agents can be there to help them in person!

The video and content-sharing tools provided by RichCall will allow your sales staff to showcase products to online customers, advise them of complementary products and services, share photos, videos and documents – just like in a real store environment.

The use of video communications in conjunction with web-collaboration features have been proven to boost sales, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, especially in case of complex, high-margin and luxury products and services.

Personalized support for online shoppers

Personalized support for online shoppers

By adding a button to any website or mobile app, RichCall allows online shoppers to establish an interactive video-based session with an agent every time they need assistance.

Co-browsing and application sharing features enable agents to see what each customer sees, and quickly understand the context of customer issues. Issue resolution just stepped into the 21st century.

Video kiosks – your experts are everywhere!

Video kiosks – your experts are everywhere!

With a centralized team of experts, you can offer the highest level of service to your store customers, without staff having to physically be there. Real-time expertize provides efficient resource utilization for specialty staff roles, and ensures your customers receive the best service you can deliver.

RichCall supports the “video kiosk” mode, which not only allows customer to speak with a remote expert via a video call, but also supports peripheral devices like scanners and printers. This allows a customer to scan his docs for an expert, and receive printed documents from him.

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