Why are companies slow to adopt new technology?

Back in September we’ve combined the trends in contact centers for 2017. We also ran a survey about which channels and approaches the companies are using, and which ones they are going to use – here are the results from the 28 responses we got. Which services companies are planning to use, including personality based routing. The charts show a pretty positive trends of planning to adopt several newer technologies. Except: somehow companies collect data to optimize customer journeys, but don’t track them these trends were nearly the same in 2016, and continue to be the trends of 2018 despite technology companies making vast advances Here’s a figure from the 2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report that shows then-current and planned services in contact centers: It also predicts 9 channels in most contact centers by 2017. And yet the Dimension Data’s 2017 CX Benchmarking report says that: “Omnichannel solutions that integrate enterprise systems and connect customer journeys is the top technology trend for 2017, but nearly seven in 10 organisations currently have none, or very few, channels connected.” Could it be, because it takes companies time to research new technology wait and see for its use cases, case studies and results estimate how best to fit it into the specific company environment? For example, when it comes to AI, Bridget Botelho warns specialists that companies have only begun to use AI and few companies have the data to do it well. Not to mention, they need to sift through products

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Richcall CEO is Going to CCW2018 in Berlin, Feb 26 – Mar 1

Our CEO, Alexander Anoshin, is going to Berlin on February 25 to CCW2018, the largest European contact center conference, because the CCW executives picked Richcall to exhibit at the FutureCamp area with the most innovative contact center startups from all over the world. If you plan to visit CCW2018, please stop by at hall 2, stand D30/E27, to say “Hi” and to see how awesome Richcall is in person. If you are not going to the CCW conference or want to see how it works right now, try it live now or schedule a personal demo.

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Get 6-12 months of Richcall for free

We decided to offer 6 months of Richcall for free for publishing a review on it. If you use Richcall for 6 months and publish a case study, you get another 6 months of Richcall for free. To clarify, you get 4 concurrent connections of Richcall for free, which should be enough for a good number of contact centers. Learn more about the offer here or write to to get 6 months of Richcall for free.

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Countries that approved video identification in banks

In this post I’ll try to list the countries allowed their banks to identify clients through video. Proof links are included. The list will be continuously updated as I learn about new ones. Here’s what I have so far (a/b order): 1. Austria The technology approved by the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA) on 3 January 2017. 2. Estonia 3. Germany A new reading of Germany’s money laundering law by the German Ministry of Finance in March 2014 has paved the road for this innovation. 4. UK Do you know if it’s approved in your country? Please share in comments.

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Contact Center Technologies 2017: find out what 23 experts say

Tweet With the rise of technology that allows better customer service, customers are becoming more demanding – that’s why to satisfy and retain them, you need to develop your contact center in accordance with the worldwide trends. Check out what recent reports and experts suggest, and take part in a contact center benchmarking survey to get more accurate data on the current contact center trends. Contact Center and CX Research and Reports The The 2017 Global Benchmarking Report (pdf) suggests that the top trends are: CX as the differentiator (82.%) CX as the most strategic measure (77.5%), which increased profits for 74.1% of companies omnichannel personalization self-service mobile apps connected customer journeys with 9 channels in most contact centers As people switch from phones to other channels, companies need to work on integrating human approach to their CX robotics: Global contact center report shows us which technologies companies are using, and which they are planning to use: We won’t just talk about the trends, what you are reading now is an overview of opinions of respected contact centers experts, so even, if you doubt any of them, you may want to listen to opinions from several of them about the technology that interests you. Here are the experts: @Jon Arnold, an independent research analyst with a great blog @Nate Brown, VP of Communication for the HDI Music City Chapter and is the founder/author of @Teresa Cottam, Chief Strategist, MVNOpro @Al Hopper, cofounder of DoLabSATX @Shep Hyken, Customer Service and Experience expert – @Ian Jacobs, Principal

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Why “click-to-call” when you can “click-to-collaborate”?

Surprisingly we’re still getting requests for the “click-to-call” feature for a website. Note: I’m not talking about the click-to-call used by contact center agents to connect with clients. I mean the “online call” button on a website allowing visitor to call customer care rep from his browser in one click. Let me clarify some tech details first… The most common approach for the “online call” feature is using the WebRTC technology supported by the most of browsers. The technology allows a website page to get access to the PC mic (user approval is required) and transmit the audio stream to the website server. The server, in its turn, sends the audio to the company rep thus establishing an audio-call. This means that to call online a client needs an opened webpage that keeps the audio-connection sending and receiving the audio. It normally looks like this: But if the client MUST keep this page opened to talk to the agent, why make it so useless? Obviously, it is worth adding extra features to enrich the voice call with text chat, app sharing, co-browsing. The “online call” extended with web-collaboration options actually turns into “an online collaboration” – you can see how it works in Richcall on the image to the right. So, the point is – why add the “click-to-call” feature to your website, when you can empower your visitors to “click-to-collaborate” at no extra cost (in terms of technical requirements)?

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RichCall live demo is available at!

Be the first to try the alpha version of RichCall. You will only need a web-browser to test the video (you will see the agent, but the agent won’t see you), try co-browsing and other web-collaboration features and ask any question you may have about the software. All it takes is 10 mins: 1) Launch the desktop browser (Safari is not supported yet) 2) Click the round button in the lower right corner of the page 3) Allow the browser to access your mic 4) Click “Call” to connect with Aurus rep (English only) Enjoy! PLEASE NOTE: we’re available from 10am – 9pm UTC+7.

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12 examples of how businesses are using video chat

Please feel free to check the new section of our website: The “Industry” pages available in the top menu. Here you will find a dozen genuine real-world customer comments regarding the use of RichCall video chat. Enjoy: INSURANCE Video enhances processing of insurance claim Improve sales with our visual assistance option – featuring co-browsing and app sharing FINANCE Financial advisor online Advanced customer support Video kiosks to shrink the size of the retail bank branch RETAIL Shopping assistant and concierge services online Personalized support for online shoppers Video kiosks – your experts are everywhere! HI-TECH & EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING Product troubleshooting Online shopper assistance TELECOM Live visual customer support Field service Video kiosks for retail branches

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“Video Chat” does not necessarily mean “Video Call”.

For God’s sake, stop being so afraid of the “video” aspect of “video chat”. Yes, dual video is a great feature of video chat solutions, however it is totally optional and by no means a requirement. Also, try to keep in mind that it is not necessary to overly invest in the agents on screen picture quality (i.e. attire, surroundings, banners, etc.), to deploy the video chat in a contact center. When should you enable video in a contact center? 1. For sales, especially for luxury retailers when less emphasis is placed on call handling time and more emphasis is placed on developing a high-end customer experience. 2. When servicing hearing-impaired customers. 3. When a video chat expert is there to replace an in-person representative i.e. stores, branches, etc. So, unless you absolutely need a live video call, just replace the agent’s video with a good-looking photo. Try and focus more energy on delivering an ideal customer experience by leveraging web-collaboration features such as the co-browsing and app sharing for support, as well as pushing video and pictures for sales.

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When video chat drives sales, and when it doesn’t…

As aforementioned, a video chat channel that is deployed in a contact center may significantly increase conversions and drive sales. However, this can become a double-edged sword where in some cases it may even decrease the contact centers performance. Successful implementation of video chat depends largely on the industry, the sales process, and most importantly, the nature of the buying cycle. In a very informative post about video chat, Jay Minnucci, President and Founder of Service Agility (a consulting service company that focuses on customer service) states that, “The (video chat) impact will be minor in some industries, and transforming in others.” Let’s look at a few specific examples. Jewelry stores Within a single click, a customer browsing necklaces, earrings, or rings can request an interactive video session with a stylist. By having a face-to-face connection established a stylist can quickly put on the jewelry, showcase complementary pieces, or even switch the camera to a close-up angle each piece. This helps a customer to truly “experience” the jewelry, ensuring that it is exactly what he was looking for, prior to buying. Travel Agencies Not to different from the previous example, a traveling customer planning his vacation could certainly benefit from a video chat session with an agent, as he looks through various pictures and videos of available hotels. But, having chosen the hotel with your agent he may want to look for the cheapest option to book it. If he finds it somewhere else, your time is wasted for nothing.

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