Video-enabled Collaboration with Remote Expert

Omni-channel. WebRTC-based. Supports co-browsing.


Live Video Assistance with Co-Browsing for Cisco UCCX/UCCE

Video chat with co-browsing

High-end customer experience with live video assistance option

Video chat powered by RichCall provides:

  • One-way or Dual Video – By default the client can see the agent but not the other way around. Use of dual video is optional.
  • Text Chat – For sending text, photos, and documents.
  • Co-browsing – Enable the agent and the customer to collaborate on your website with one another.
  • Application Sharing – Browse the web together, share documents, and any other desktop applications.
  • “Pointer” Feature – An agent can view a client’s application in real time, monitoring each of the client’s actions, drawing attention to specific elements on the application interface with a blinking yellow arrow.
  • Snap Shot with Annotation – Agents can take snapshots and make pen/marker annotations to easily identity items of interest.

Developed by a registered Cisco Solution Partner, RichCall is available on the Cisco Marketplace

Cisco Solution Partner
Cisco Marketplace
Video chat embedded in Cisco Finesse

Easily integrate with Cisco UCCX/UCCE contact center software

RichCall seamlessly integrates with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express and Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise platforms:

  • The client is not required to go through the IVR menu, rather, RichCall properly places his video call in the queue, based on the selected subject or the webpage from which the call was made.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Cisco Finesse and Cisco Agent Desktop (CAD), including the single sign-on feature.
  • Experience no changes in contact center routing rules. A video call follows the same routes and the same queues as a regular phone call.
  • HRC and Unified IC reporting – All video calls are documented in Cisco Unified CCX Historical Reports and Cisco Unified Intelligence Center reporting applications.
  • Interaction Recording – The audio is recorded by your existing call recording software, and video and web-collaboration actions are logged.

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