Add Video Collaboration to Your Site to Help Customers Faster or Sell More

With RichCall, your customers can call you directly from your site to get help from your support or sales staff. Then they can collaborate in a text chat, share files and images, but they gain the most by using video and co-browsing to:

  • find what they want on your large website quickly
  • complete complex purchases online
  • fill complex insurance or financing forms.
  • share their mobile camera with the support specialists.

You will enjoy using RichCall, because:

  • you reduce time and effort it takes you to satisfy your customers by solving their issues quicker
  • by using video, your sales expert can show off your fancy product, such as a comfortable car, a stylish dress or gleaming jewelry, to your customers and describe its advantage to sell more effectively
  • you simply use the secure cloud RichCall servers to connect your customers directly to you, your support or sales staff – with or without a contact center.

Find out, how RichCall works and how you can use it from the video below:

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Who Can Use the Standalone Version

Richcall options: video, cobrowsing, file and image sharing, text chat

Richcall options: video, cobrowsing, file and image sharing, text chat.

Everyone can use RichCall without a contact center, but it may be especially helpful to businesses, which customers prefer to call and where they’d benefit from video and co-browsing:

  • small to medium e-commerce websites to help customers find what they want
  • individual consultants and remote specialists to talk face to face with their customers and to share images and documents during the conversation
  • bed & breakfast establishments, who want to show the apartments to prospective guests
  • car repair workshops, so repairmen could look at the car damage via the customer’s phone camera and give a ballpark figure right during the conversation
  • small auto sales shops, who can show the engines or the interiors of individual cars to their website visitors
  • remote tutors to educate their students effectively and remotely
  • physicians, who can diagnose and advise about the simplest illnesses remotely.

If you already have a text chat, you can seamlessly empower it with RichCall to let your customers reach you via phone to collaborate with you or your support/sales staff.

Alternatively, you can disable video, and use it just to accept phone calls on your website.

While even the smallest e-commerce store or a private consultant can benefit from this service, medium businesses or enterprises can test this simplest Richcall version to quickly see, whether their employees like using RichCall and how it helps their customers.

Contact Center, IP-PBX and CRM Integration

But, if you need to use your contact center to its full potential and:

  • grab customer details from your CRM and show them to your phone agents
  • route video chat sessions using the rules you use for your phone calls
  • account for your employee skill groups in call routing
  • record the sessions and use reporting to see how well they work,

you can use the RichCall, which you can connect to your IP-PBX to let it integrate with your contact center and CRM automatically.

If you really want to have complete control over RichCall, you can even use it on-premise.

Our clients have already integrated RichCall with the following contact centers:

and contact centers based on Asterisk, FreeSwitch or similar PBX systems.

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