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Omni-channel. WebRTC-based. Supports co-browsing.


Improve your customer support with video chat

Improve your customer experience with a text and video chat that automatically connects to your contact center.

There are numerous ways you improve your support with an integrated video chat:

  • you get additional text and video channels your customers can reach you with
  • your prospects can contact you, while they are having issues, so they don’t leave your site, app or store
  • your contact center agents see things through your customers’ eyes, so they can help more efficiently
  • your contact center agents can assist your customers with co-browsing to fill a complex form
  • your agents can solve complex support issues and turn clients into satisfied and loyal customers
  • you can proactively find people, who are searching through your knowledge base, and offer them assistance through co-browsing, and win them for life
  • your agents can solve equipment issues in the field much faster through video
  • your agents can escalate a voice call to a video chat session with co-browsing.

As you help your customers use your product easier, you also:

  • build customer loyalty, because clients value solving their problem faster more, than freebies1
  • increase first-fall resolution
  • decrease customer churn, since low quality service is one of the main reasons customers leave companies1

When video chat increases in popularity among businesses and customers become more comfortable with video chat, it is important to match their expectations and offer exceptional service.

It is the Richcall video chat software that you will find easier to install, because it first connectы to your contact center automatically, and:

  • provides context to your agents with CRM information
  • routes calls to both call and video chat agents
  • queues calls
  • provides all the tools an agent needs
  • records the calls
  • measures and reports customer satisfaction and agent performance.

Test the Richcall video chat to see how your agents can support your customers with it and contact us to get a free trial to see how it works in your environment.

  1. Customer Contact Council Research

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