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Product troubleshooting

Product troubleshooting

Equipment manufacturers can use RichCall video chat to facilitate customer sharing of their camera on their smartphones. This allows them to show a service agent the malfunctioning device in real time. By seeing what the customer sees, an agent may advise him what to do and troubleshoot the product before a customer returns it.

Even if a customer initially makes a regular phone call to the agent, he can escalate the call to a full-featured RichCall web-collaboration session on the fly.

A picture is worth a thousand words. No more miscommunication. The customer shows the agent exactly what he needs, and the agent orders it. Simple.

Online shopper assistance

Online shopper assistance

Another way for manufacturers to benefit from deploying RichCall video chat is to use it in helping online customers explore products and features.

Customers can interact with the agent in real time, while still browsing the website – with the expert help of the sales representative.

If they choose to, customers can share their browser to enable the consultant to help them navigate the website and highlight specific elements – pictures, buttons etc.

This way online shoppers understand their buying options and get introduced to a dealer who meets their requirements.

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