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Omni-channel. WebRTC-based. Supports co-browsing.


Get 6 months of Richcall for free for a review

You can get Richcall with 4 concurrent connections for 6 months for free, if you:

  • try out Richcall in your contact center with our complete guidance and assistance with installation, contact center integration and use case selection
  • honestly write about your experience with it in your blog and mention the post on your social networks
  • mention in your post that you wrote the review to get the 6 months of Richcall for free
  • grant us permission to use your review on our site.

Write to us to empower your contact center with remote agent capabilities for free.


Get Richcall for 6 more months for a case study

If you like Richcall and continue using it for 6 months, then you can get another 6 months of 4 concurrent connections for free by publishing a case study, where you share your experience, such as:

  • which problem you wanted to solve with Richcall
  • how hard it was to install Richcall
  • whether you solved your problem with Richcall
  • what you like about Richcall
  • how your contact center agents liked it
  • what you’d like to be able to do with Richcall, but can’t.
  • what you don’t like about Richcall
  • whether you would recommend Richcall
  • anything else you’d like to say

and mention why you wrote the case study.
Get in touch to get more of Richcall, if you’ve already been using Richcall for 6 months.

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