German contact center uses RichCall to improve support of at-home agents

11880 is an outsourced contact center, which serves small businesses

Thanks to a local partner SoftBCom Berlin GmbH, a German professional contact center 11880 Solutions AG has successfully deployed RichCall, a remote video support solution. The new tool allows 11880’s engineers to use live video when supporting the software used by remote agents. With RichCall an engineer sees the problem with his own eyes and solves it faster.

This is how it works:

  • an agent calls the support team for help with network connectivity or software settings,
  • during the call a support engineer requests a permission to use video,
  • the agent agrees and receives an SMS with a link,
  • when the agent clicks on the link, RichCall is launched in a mobile browser, which shares the smartphone camera with the support engineer.

Now the engineer can see the desktop screen through the agent’s mobile camera, understand the context of the issue better and therefore resolve it faster.

Thanks to WebRTC technologies RichCall supports most of mobile devices and users don’t need to install additional software. The whole interaction is encrypted and the data is stored on the on-premise company servers, so it is completely secure.

At the moment 11880 uses RichCall internally, but they also consider to offer video-assistance to their business customers as an optional feature, for example:

  • manufacturers and their service centers can support customers remotely with installing or repairing their equipment,
  • insurance customers can file claims faster by showing the damage to the agents via a smartphone camera,
  • field service engineers can get video-assistance from remote experts.

Write to us to discuss the use cases for RichCall in your industry.


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