FinancesOnline reviewed RichCall

FinancesOnline had recently reviewed RichCall and found it amazing enough to give it a Great CX and Rising Star awards:

Great CX award Rising Star award

FinancesOnline is one of the leading websites that provides expert analysis on B2B software solutions. Aside from reviewing software solutions and providing detailed software comparisons, they also have informative articles to help users fully understand a certain niche, such as the best live chat software. And we’re proud to be commended in their article about what is live chat software.

Also, reminding you, that if you use RichCall and publish a review, you’ll get a 6 month license for free – and you’ll get more, if you publish a case study of how RichCall helped your customers.


Complete Guide to AI in Contact Centers

Guide to AI in contact centers cover

We have recently created a guide for business leaders to learn how to create value with AI in their contact centers.

If you have read about AI elsewhere and you are wondering, what it will bring to contact centers and your contact center specifically, then you should read the guide to

  • understand what AI is,
  • learn how to find a way to create value with AI,
  • and follow the steps to AI adoption

to create and use break-through AI projects in your contact center.

You’ll likely need to build a team of AI enthusiasts to use AI, so share the guide with your coworkers as well 🙂