RichCall is now available in ZenDesk marketplace

Richcall options: video, cobrowsing, file and image sharing, text chat

Richcall options: video, cobrowsing, file and image sharing, text chat.

An engaging video chat with co-browsing, RichCall, has been added to ZenDesk today.

We are happy to have RichCall in the ZenDesk marketplace, because we share the appreciation for great customer experience. What’s more important, is that customers expect exceptional service 24/7, while companies need to exert more effort to deliver it and stay within reasonable budgets.

This is where video chat comes in, because it provides a relatively cheap way to engage with customers and help them faster, earning their trust and loyalty.

ZenDesk says that:

  • 92% of live chats receive a positive CSAT score
  • companies see a 29% increase in sales with proactive support.

Forrester’s brief tells us about an UK footwear retailer, who used video chat and:

  • increased the conversion rate by x4
  • increased average order value by 10%
  • obtained a 79% average Net Promoter Score.

Co-browsing may be the most important aspect of customer support use cases where agents can guide customers through a website.

“Brief: Now You See Me — Video Chat Improves The Customer Experience”, Forrester, 2016.

The retailer used all the opportunities to guide customers around their products: not only via website support requests, but also via mobile calls and instore kiosks.

The brief also mentions a bank, who installed video desks in their branches, so their customers could create and manage accounts faster.

Our team has been developing RichCall, based on feedback from contact center owners, for a few years now and have made it into a convenient support application. Agents can use it to see the problem with the eyes of the customer thanks to co-browsing and help customers easier. They also can use text chat and file sharing to quickly exchange the data that helps to resolve the issue faster.

If you use ZenDesk, you definitely should use a video chat for support and you can install and use RichCall for free right now.


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