When video chat drives sales, and when it doesn’t…

As aforementioned, a video chat channel that is deployed in a contact center may significantly increase conversions and drive sales. However, this can become a double-edged sword where in some cases it may even decrease the contact centers performance. Successful implementation of video chat depends largely on the industry, the sales process, and most importantly, the nature of the buying cycle.

In a very informative post about video chat, Jay Minnucci, President and Founder of Service Agility (a consulting service company that focuses on customer service) states that, “The (video chat) impact will be minor in some industries, and transforming in others.”

Video chat to drive sales

Let’s look at a few specific examples.

Jewelry stores

Within a single click, a customer browsing necklaces, earrings, or rings can request an interactive video session with a stylist. By having a face-to-face connection established a stylist can quickly put on the jewelry, showcase complementary pieces, or even switch the camera to a close-up angle each piece. This helps a customer to truly “experience” the jewelry, ensuring that it is exactly what he was looking for, prior to buying.

Travel Agencies

Not to different from the previous example, a traveling customer planning his vacation could certainly benefit from a video chat session with an agent, as he looks through various pictures and videos of available hotels. But, having chosen the hotel with your agent he may want to look for the cheapest option to book it. If he finds it somewhere else, your time is wasted for nothing.

Private clothing boutiques

The “personal touch” is the biggest advantage small businesses have over big box stores. Those who frequently buy from smaller private stores often do so because of the personalized one on one attention that these retailers provide. Can these boutiques afford the expensive retail locations? Probably not, but they can easily replicate this personalized customer experience online, with live video chat!

Online electronic retailers

It would be great if the in-store staff could showcase each product on the shelf by unboxing and displaying multiple angles, thus allowing the customer to get a better feel for the item. Unfortunately, this takes quite a bit of time, and whether the extra time spent here will be rewarded by increased conversions, largely depends on your product.

From my experience, video chat sales can be extremely powerful in these industries:

  • Luxury, High-end Retailers – Because you’re ready to spend as much time needed to sell.
  • Manufacturers – Because if you convince that you’re better than competitors the customer won’t be looking for cheaper prices for your product. Because once you convince your customers that your products are superior to the competition, they won’t price shop you.
  • Small Businesses – Because providing a “personal touch” matters the most.

Just make sure you are always doing the math prior to implementing video chat in sales.

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